Digital Designs

Thanks to the discovery of the Internet and the virtual world, much of your workload has actually become lighter. This may be true for shopaholics, who now have many ways to shop online, or for avid travelers, who may now book their Amsterdam holiday more easily and enjoy much of Amsterdam sights to see, it is also true for designers, who now enjoy the benefits of having designs in digital form.  Most internet providers now offer unlimited data for all your surfing needs.

Benefits of Digital Designs


There is no bigger advantage to the web world than the interactivity it offers. There are simply so many things that the print world will never be able to feature such as the glasvezel internet can do. When designing for digital, there are things like search functionality, links, instant sharing and featuring all kinds of media are some of the things that you will never be able to do with print - only with online documents. All these are done instantly, no need to wait. If you want to share a newspaper with your friends, it can take days. If they are living across the borders, it's even more difficult. When you have an online catalog, for instance, it can't take more than ten seconds to share it.


Online publishing is very cheap compared to print and much faster to circulate too.  Imagine having a to publish your work online at speeds of miliseconds! This can be possible because most internet connections have resources that can reach to 100gb per second - using internet snelheid testen ziggo, of course. This is important for designers because it allows much more creativity, knowing that making a small mistake is just that: a small mistake. Everything can quickly be corrected - most of the time for free.


The online advertising industry is huge, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. The revenue from ads is much higher for online publishers, mostly because their costs are low. When prices are low, even if the intake is the same as with print publishing, the profit is higher.

What is even more valuable is that you can track readers online, unlike the ones who read a book or a newspaper. On the Internet, you always know something about your visitors especially if you use review stats, more about some and less about others; but you always know something. This way you can target advertising much better than with print - on top of it, there are no printing costs either. The file is received by mail, uploaded on the server and published on the website: for free and to significant benefits for both publishers and advertisers.