Fun Ways to Experiment With Paint

Tired of your old house paint? Would you like your house to look just a little bit better and a little less drab? Then try and get into the act of repainting it, and doing the repainting yourself. Sure, some people might come and question you (“You can’t even get the coupon codes on products by using groupon kortingscode nieuwe klant right when you shop online, how on earth do you expect to get housepainting correctly?”). Well, you don’t have to listen to them at all.

Here are a few design tips for that excellent wall repainting job. After this, you won’t even recognize your own house (and yes, in a good way).

Designs For Painting Your Own House

First, try stenciling. If you want to create a repeated pattern, or even an entire mural, on your walls, but you don’t trust your freehand artistic abilities, let a stencil come to your rescue. With nearly endless patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find a design you love. Use a stencil to create a sophisticated design – perhaps some Moroccan trellis -- in the master bedroom, or have fun stenciling a barnyard scene or other flight of fancy in a child’s bedroom.

There is a lot of inspiration to find online.  Many designs can be found on Pinterest or even on Google search.  Most results will give you the distinct idea and you may innovate a little.  The blogs' owners will be happier that you drive targeted traffic to your website.

Second, you can try the harlequin design. Harlequin is a diamond pattern that is easy to create with the right tools. It’s a fun pattern for a child’s bedroom or a nursery, but if you use colors with only slight contrast, it can be a surprisingly sophisticated look in the master bedroom. To create the harlequin pattern, you’ll need to measure and apply painter's tape in diagonal strips across your wall. Paint over the entire wall, and then remove the tape once the paint is dry.

Third, you can also try the checkerboard design or technique. Less whimsical than harlequin, a checkerboard pattern work well in a contemporary or industrial-influenced bedroom. It’s not a difficult technique, but for the best results, you need to measure carefully. Once you've got the correct measurement -always do the computation to avoid wasting materials.  Even if you bought those at a discounted price using the kortingscode bestseller shop, it is practical and correct way to do things.  Use painter’s tape to create the checkerboard pattern, paint over the tape, and then remove once the paint is dry. Choose high-contrast colors for drama or subtle hues if you want a more sophisticated vibe.