Do I Really Need An Architect?

Honestly, you do. Unless of course, you are a contractor who has been building houses your entire life. Otherwise, designing and building beautiful homes that are both stylish and practical is our forte. It’s a field that we’ve dedicated our entire professional lives; you’ll get your money’s worth with our services.

How Do Architects Charge Clients For Their Services?

Architects vary not only in style but also in the way they charge for their services. There are three basic ways that these professionals charge their fees. These are percentage fees, fixed fees, and hourly rates also known as do and charge.

Architects can charge clients 'Full Service' fee percentages, which usually falls within the 8% - 18% range of a project’s total construction cost. Architects can also charge a fixed fee provided that a client can come up with a very detailed summary on the scope of the architect’s work; any additions to the scope of work will naturally result in additional fee. The hourly type of charging is self-explanatory, but it may be hard for homeowners to keep track of all the times an architect works on a project.

Can Architects Help You Save Money?

Let’s be honest here. You’ve probably thought to yourself that hiring an architect just means additional expenses, but you do it anyway for the aesthetics of the end-product. But you’d be surprised to know that these professionals can actually help you save money on home designs and renovations.

Architects are experienced and skilled professionals. They’ll help you come up with designs that not only provide the best uniquely styled home possible but one that is made with less expensive materials without compromising quality. They can also help you with energy efficiency, designs that require minimal maintenance costs and, due to their experience in the business, can help you get the best deals when sourcing for materials.

I Want To Renovate My Office/Business, Will I Have To Move Out Temporarily?

Ultimately, it will depend on how extensive you want the renovation to be. We have experienced clients who demanded that they should be able to conduct business as usual during the renovation process and we’ve come up with creative solutions to such demands. One way is to do the renovation by segments so that only a portion of the building or space is disrupted at any point in time. Another method is to do the project during non-office hours such as nighttime or weekends.
Do You Cover News On Fashion Trends?

Fashion is one such branch or design that is important to everyone. After all, we have this need to look good, to be the most presentable version that we can be. In fact, some have even resorted to surgical means to enhance their aesthetic appeal, but it is best not to discuss such affairs in a mere FAQ page.

Going back to the issue at hand, yes, we have a fashion section on our site. You’ll find the latest design trends not only in clothing but accessories as well.

Do You Cover Interior Design?

But of course, how can we, a website dedicated to design, not cover interior design. We simply love it. Designing an interior space is probably one of the most challenging design projects an artist can hope to undertake. There are simply too many variables at play, and that includes to a large degree, the taste of the owner of the place which may sometimes clash with the preference of the interior decorator. As we said, it is a very challenging area, so we simply have to cover it.

How do you define modern architecture?

Technically speaking, modern architecture, which is also known as modernist architectures, is a term used to describe a group of architectural styles that emerged in the first half of the 20th century and became more common after the Second World War. These styles were made possible with the introduction of new construction methods and materials such as glass, reinforced concrete, and steel.

Can you say a building has modern architecture because it was built in modern times?

Not necessarily. A building may be new and built using modern construction methods, but it does not mean that its architecture is modern. For instance, you may use concrete, steel, and glass to build a beautiful chateau in old French architectural style. It’s the style, not the method or materials used that counts.

Are there ways to jumpstart one’s creativity or increase the chances of coming up with creative ideas for a project?

Whether you're a writer or a designer, you’ve probably experienced that state of mind which is often referred to by writers as writer's block (I don’t know if designers also call it designer’s block but you get the point). Unfortunately, there is no sure way of getting out of this creativity dead-end as every artist has his way of dealing with it which sometimes work but sometimes doesn’t. Anyway, you can try these tips to increase your chances.

Quality sometimes lead to quality – Sometimes, what is hindering you is the search for that perfect idea. Instead of looking for that perfect one, try jotting down any idea that comes to mind, no matter how imperfect they may initially appear. After writing them down, go over these random musing, and you’ll be surprised to discover a good idea that just needs a bit of polishing.

Be spontaneous – When you’re stuck with doing the same things over and over again, your thought processes might follow suit. To break the cycle of unoriginality, try something new like a visit to a museum which probably works best if you haven’t been to any museum in the first place. You can also do an activity you’ve never trie